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World Series Baseball technical data

Name World Series Baseball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer BlueSky Software
Genre Sports

World Series Baseball is a baseball simulation video game developed by Sega and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1994. It was the first baseball game to be released for the console and one of the few sports games available at the time. The game featured authentic Major League Baseball teams, stadiums, and players from the 1993 season. It was also one of the first sports games to feature player stats that were based on real-life performance.

The game was designed to replicate realistic baseball gameplay, with detailed graphics and animations that closely resembled what you would see on a television broadcast. The controls utilized both buttons and a directional pad to move players and control their actions, such as batting, pitching, base running and fielding. Additionally, there were various power-ups which could be used by either team during a match to gain an advantage over their opponent.

The single-player mode allowed gamers to play through an entire season or take part in exhibition matches against computer opponents or another human player via two-player mode. There were also multi-season modes where you could play out several seasons at once, allowing you to build up your team’s stats over time. Advanced options such as trading players between teams or drafting new talent were also available in this mode.

World Series Baseball provided an immersive experience for fans of America's pastime with its realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics combined with detailed team rosters and statistics from the 1993 MLB season. Its comprehensive features allowed for many hours of replay value as it provided gamers with plenty of ways to enjoy the sport without ever having to step onto an actual field themselves.

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