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Rugby World Cup 1995 technical data

Name Rugby World Cup 1995
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Sports

Rugby World Cup 1995 for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive was the first officially licensed rugby title to be released for home gaming consoles. Developed by Unexpected Developments and published by Sega, it combined all the features of intramural and international teams in a realistic professional match environment. Each team was represented faithfully to their real-life counterparts. As with any intense sport like rugby, gameplay tended to be fast-paced, challenging, and focused heavily on strategic decision making based on the abilities of your virtual players.

The game features all 16 national teams that took part in the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa including hosts South Africa, England, Australia, Canada and more. All matches were played with certain restrictions such as number of substitutions, yellow card orders and selections among others. The game also featured several game options like exhibition matches or full tournaments which started from pool play up to semi finals or even finals. Exact scores can be set for each match prior to starting or one could even challenge a particular team or four teams in a round robin tournament mode.

The graphics were detailed enough looking 3D polygon models inside an overhead view camera lens that shifted according to player performance per specific action sequences of passing, tackling and so forth. Animations did seem silloutted but natural at times with the basic touch scened being kept true when it came to kicks passes or spin offs although tackles wherent always followed through but that didn't mean they weren't true and showed how physical at times things could get in these kind of sports sims.

Control wise it was very easy whip through moves without actually having too much difficulty with accuracy apart from pin pointing positioning while passing directly expectally if highly charged as almost determined completely by situational awareness when facing fearsom enrymies opponents who pretty much do whatever comes across their mind during play basing on current score chances victory being guarded against at every cost! This game also had sound effects that would fit into every movement made and crowd chants depending on match results or level/round progression as well ebing available as sound optionsl found within main game menu selection options listds o ffeatures playable contents alongside usual tweaking choices and so far giving an alright vivid feel when playing this particularly simulation title where keeping up with intensity factors come naturally while cementing you between either saving honor gaining fame playing most beloved internal sporting relaease ever created those days being sadly not much rivaled until more modern entries started showing up onto Consoles towards end mid 90's still able show success form years after its initial release when considering all other competeting titles even now twenty fourty o se years later!

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