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World Trophy Soccer technical data

Name World Trophy Soccer
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Novotrade International
Genre Sports

World Trophy Soccer is a sports video game developed by Sega for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. It was released in Japan in 1993 and Europe in 1994. The game is based on the sport of association football (soccer). Players can choose from 21 teams, each representing a different nation from around the world. The nations are divided into four divisions: North American, South American, European, and African. Each team consists of 11 players and the player can select their formation before the match begins.

The gameplay consists of two halves, with a half-time break between them. Players control their team by passing the ball to teammates, tackling opponents to gain possession of the ball and shooting towards goal when they are within range. When playing against another human opponent, both players must use controllers to play at once. During matches there are several power ups that can be collected which will give an advantage to whichever team collects them first. These power ups include extra speed or strength for your players and special moves such as tackles or shots that have a higher chance of going in goal than normal shots.

Players can also customize their teams by changing the names of their players and choosing which formations they want to play with. During matches there is also a referee who will call fouls and award free kicks if necessary. Additionally, there is an announcer who will provide commentary on each match as it progresses.

World Trophy Soccer has five difficulty levels which can be adjusted before starting a match so that players can find an appropriate challenge level for themselves or others they are playing against. The game also features multiple camera angles so that players can view the action from different perspectives during play as well as replays after goals are scored or other significant moments occur during a match.

Overall World Trophy Soccer is an enjoyable soccer game for those who enjoy playing sports video games or just like watching soccer matches on TV or at stadiums in real life. It provides a realistic experience with its multitude of teams and customizable options allowing for unique matches every time you play it regardless if you’re playing alone against AI opponents or with friends using multiple controllers linked up together for multiplayer action!

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