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Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball technical data

Name Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Sculptured Software
Genre Sports

Roger Clemens MVP Baseball is a baseball game developed by Visual Concepts and published in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive. The game features 8-bit graphics, excellent player control, multiple camera angles and state-of-the-art audio, to bring players the most realistic baseball experience at the time. Developed by renowned sports video game developer Visual Concepts who have an impressive back catalog of titles including NFL Jam and NHL Hockey, it provides an old-school visual quality that captures the spirit of classic video games.

When you boot up Roger Clemens MVP Baseball for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive you’ll find yourself with three different modes available to choose from; Exhibition, Regular Season, or All Star Mode. Each of these modes allows you customize your own team roster or select from any of 30 official MLB teams. Additionally you can set team AI difficulty settings for added customization as well as selecting between regular day or night games depending on your preference.

In Exhibition mode players get to pick their favorite teams as well as making any adjustments they wish in order make their own custom battles against each other offline in either a one or two player exhibition match up! It features smooth gameplay with no lag that provides realistic action while running customized rosters throughout the game's duration (up to nine innings). Loads of fun to be had creating entirely new matchups without boundries since there are no rules dictating which teams must face off against one another.

Regular Season mode consists of playing out an entire season with all its ups and downs on 30 real life Major League baseball teams' schedules such as matches taking place every three days. You're also able to view stats for each team after every game helping track progress throughout the season - detailed individual player stats like batting averages and pitching numbers are also accessible making it easy keep track on how everyone is performing in specific areas throughout the course of each match By completing this mode you will progress towards unlocking a grand total 25 achievement awards!

The All Star Mode allows players to compete in simulated matches featuring All-Stars players selected by position such as Catcher and Third Basemen. Again Rosters can be specialized according Customize whatever way user see fit or playable "as is" straight out of Exibition or Regular Season mode providing great replay value thanks freedom create whatever dream team suitable for situation! 3 unique play styles allow variety between Normal – which heads up classic gameplay style - Simulation fast forward through whole affair quickly with varying results constantly changing field conditions making difficult predict what direction ball will take when hit too far . Finally Arcade Mode puts focus hitting home runs over anything else adding exciting element aiming rack runs round bases before opponents do!

For those wanting even more reason pull out ol' Genesis /Mega Drive look no further than soundtrack fully packed licensed songs including Journey's 'Don't stop believing', ensuring journey nostalgia never ends ! So why not grab controller fire Console recreate golden age sports gaming again name one legendary pitcher But hurry stock piling consoles dwindling fast so don't wait too long get ultimate outfield experience going !

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