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PGA Tour Golf technical data

Name PGA Tour Golf
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Sterling Silver Software
Genre Sports

PGA Tour Golf for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive is a classic 1990s sports game that has withstood the test of time. Featuring eight of world’s top golfers and three championship courses, this digital golfing experience was revolutionary when it first released to the public.

The players you can choose from are Jack Nicklaus, Fred Couples, Lanny Wadkins, Corey Pavin, and even Casper, Ben Crenshaw and Bernhard Langer. While there is an expectation that each golfer will perform differently based on their real-life playing ability; you can adjust their control as much as you want to make sure they play your desired style while also getting used to their realistic golf swings.

The three championship courses available to play in the game are The Royal Links of Scotland, Cypress Landing Golf Club resort, and one of two secret courses at Pebble Beach. Through careful development, each course has been reproduced accurately to what you would find in the real world; resulting in a course length that spans 18 holes per round and a total yardage of around 6500 yards. There are various obstacles along the way such as bunkers, water hazards and other sand traps which provide extra excitement whilst playing along your journey round the holes. You can also take practice shots alongside approach shots or just swing away by using chip shots or drives if required so that you can get an idea of where your ball is going before taking on your next bit of strategy.

To add even more depth and strategy to the game, PGA Tour Golf also places greens that have sloped contours which effect how challenging it is putt out. These greens often makes it near impossible putting technique unless thought through carefully as one mistake can ruin your chances at a victory! Players need to be wary when making decisions since some shot approaches may lead them into peril if not given enough thought due to hazards and ridges which surround every greenside bunker or water hazard.

What really adds an extra level of intensity and fun beyond simple stroke play is utilizing certain power-ups within the game itself during rounds; these power-ups range from longer drives to stronger putts for aiming accuracy among others which are activated when collected during a hole or race completion stage playthroughs. These power-ups offer an advantage over normally tired opponents by allocating special abilities like reduced wind resistance, increased accuracy on chips or powering through areas ones normal golf ball wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise!

In summary PGA Tour Golf for Sega Genesis Mega Drive provides players with a unique adventure as they try out their skills against some elite competition while manoeuvring across three beautiful yet challenging courses up against turbulent windy conditions usually found around Lake Michigan region. With adjustable controls setting up difficulty rules according one's skill level coupled with depth driven bonuses located strategically around participating holes give great value functionality without having worry too much about frustrations; ultimately making PGA Tour Golf an attractive proposition for anybody looking experience enjoyable digital golfing game backed great visuals/music combination eras own Sonic franchise!

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