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FIFA Soccer 96 technical data

Name FIFA Soccer 96
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Extended Play Productions
Genre Sports

FIFA Soccer 96 was the third installment in the FIFA series, developed by EA Sports and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1995. The game built upon the improvements made in FIFA Soccer 95, with further enhancements to the gameplay, graphics, and game modes.

One of the most significant improvements in FIFA Soccer 96 was the introduction of a more robust team and player management system. Players could now create custom teams, assign players to positions, and even design custom kits and logos. This added a new level of customization to the game and allowed players to create their own unique soccer experience.

The game also introduced a new game mode called the "FIFA International Cup." This mode allowed players to compete in a tournament featuring national teams from around the world. The tournament was based on the real-world FIFA World Cup, with qualifying rounds, group stages, and knockout rounds.

Another significant enhancement in FIFA Soccer 96 was the inclusion of new animations and player movements. The game used motion-capture technology to create more realistic player movements, making the game feel even more like a true soccer simulation. The game also introduced new animations for specific player actions, such as goal celebrations and tackles.

FIFA Soccer 96 also featured improved AI for the computer-controlled teams. The opposing teams would now adjust their tactics and playing style based on the player's performance and the situation of the game. This made the game more challenging and realistic, as the computer-controlled teams would respond more intelligently to the player's actions.

The game also featured more stadiums and locations to play in, including new international locations such as Tokyo, Paris, and New York City. The game's graphics were also improved, with more detailed player models, better textures, and smoother animations.

In terms of gameplay, FIFA Soccer 96 retained many of the features introduced in FIFA Soccer 95, such as skill moves and weather effects. The game also added a new feature called "total control dribbling," which allowed players to have greater control over the ball when dribbling. This feature made it easier to get past defenders and create scoring opportunities.

FIFA Soccer 96 also featured an updated commentary system, with John Motson returning as the game's commentator. The commentary was more dynamic and responsive, with Motson providing more detailed analysis of the action on the pitch.

One of the most significant changes in FIFA Soccer 96 was the introduction of 3D graphics for the PC version of the game. This was a major step forward for the series and helped to make the game look even more realistic. The 3D graphics also allowed for more dynamic camera angles and a greater sense of immersion in the game.

Overall, FIFA Soccer 96 was another significant step forward for the FIFA series. The game introduced several new features and enhancements, such as the team and player management system, the FIFA International Cup mode, and total control dribbling. The game also continued to improve the graphics and animations, with the introduction of motion-capture technology and 3D graphics for the PC version of the game. With its improved AI, updated commentary, and new gameplay features, FIFA Soccer 96 remains a classic soccer game that is still enjoyed by many fans of the genre today.

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