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PGA Tour 96 technical data

Name PGA Tour 96
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer NuFX, Inc.
Genre Sports

PGA Tour 96 is an iconic sports simulation video game, released in 1996 for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) console. Developed by EA Sports, it is the first installment in the PGA Tour series of golf games and was widely praised upon release for its accurate depiction of actual PGA Tour courses as well as other tournaments and mini-games.

The gameplay in PGA Tour 96 generally revolves around playing a round of golf on some of the most famous courses found in real-life PGA Tour events, taking part in various modes of play such as Stroke Play, Match Play, Best Ball, Skins Game and Super Skins. World Golf Challenge mode also allows players to play against up to three computer controlled opponents at once on championship courses from all over the world. This is an exciting multiplayer experience that can keep friends entertained for hours.

In addition to playing a traditional 18 hole round on each course, players may take part in various Mini-Games that reflect golf challenges found on actual tour courses. These fun and rewarding tests include Drill Coree where players must chip their ball into a hole surrounded by obstacles; Shootout - where accuracy counts as much as power; Ringer - where there are more holes than par; Peril Long Putt - a nail-biting test of nerve; Pitch & Chip - last putt guarantee;and Target Short Putt - aim small miss small!

Players get to play with 3D rendered golfers complete with full motion animations and realistic physics dynamics. There’s even give detailed commentary from professional golfer Jim Nantz who provides commentary and tips throughout your career mode playthroughs – making you feel like you’re playing alongside him on the green! One of its key features is also its Course Architect which allows players to design their own customized 18 hour fantasy golf course using some very clever graphical tools available within the game engine. Players can easily choose terrain type, size & shape of fairways and greens, adjust wind direction etc – letting them truly customize their dream course to their hearts content.

As one would expect from an award winning title associated with EA Sports – this beloved classic boasts magnificent graphics, intuitive controls and challenging yet highly addictive gameplay all wrapped up in light-hearted presentation combining colorful visuals with a soundtrack that heightens tension whenever there’s something important happening out on the green! This game became immensely popular amongst gamers alike which later led to successful sequels being released across multiple platforms over years ranging from SEGA consoles, PC or Mobile devices so no platform was left behind! Thus making it easier than ever before to get your hands on some authentic virtual golfing action without having to worry about owning specific franchises or system types!

All in all PGA Tour 96 remains one of the most beloved sports games released for the SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive) console during its heyday that provided numerous hours entertainment for both casual & serious gamers alike all these years later! The way it captures audiences attention through its realistic depictions & accurately rendered coarses has enabled this game be become a true pioneer amongst many titles associated with this genre! With its captivating visuals too being taken into account – it definitely deserves recognition today just like how most fondly remember it back during when it was originally launched two decades ago now!

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