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PGA Tour Golf III technical data

Name PGA Tour Golf III
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Polygames
Genre Sports

PGA Tour Golf III is a golf game released by Sega for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive home console in 1994. It features 16 unique courses, and a comprehensive career mode with tournaments and challenges.

In PGA Tour Golf III, players take the role of an up-and-coming professional golfer competing on various high-profile tournaments around the world. To get to the top you'll need to master the tricky courses of Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Europe and America. By succeeding in each tournament you'll unlock new upgrades such as better clubs and balls or earn money to buy upgrades with which to improve your performance.

In addition to its robust career mode, PGA Tour Golf III also provides a set of mini-game challenges designed to test your mettle when it comes to becoming a champion golfer. These mini-games are sprinkled throughout the longer quests; from target practice on driving range goals and fairway shots accuracy chellanges, among several others which make for challenging but rewarding gameplay sessions for players looking for an immersive golf experience.

The game also boasts impressive visuals that pop out spectacularly on the small screen at home with crisp environments detailed with cliffs, trees, water features and much more providing a realistic atmosphere as you battle through each course at par or under par on legendary competitions across the globe. The audio is quite nice too with realistic Golf sound effects making every moment out there feel as real life golf simulation as possible. Finally smooth fluid controls make every round exciting without running into long animations or lost frames per second issues that other comparable titles of this genre feature.

Overall Pro Tour GOLF III is considered one of the best simulated golfing experiences ever released for any platform and serves as one of Sega’s most beloved games ever created signaling their prowess when it comes formulating videogame classics that will stand timelessly even after more than two decades since this title first debuted on its original system many years ago transitioning into modern day consoles now available today under emulation systems like Classic Collection or Virtual Consoles like Wii Shop Channel or Xbox Live Arcade while remaining completely faithful in delivering its immersive brand of interactive video gaming entertainment coupled by strong visuals and content making it a particularly enjoyable title regardless if you fancy yourself a virtual golfer fan or not!

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