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Uncharted Waters - New Horizons technical data

Name Uncharted Waters - New Horizons
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer KOEI Co., Ltd.
Genre RPG

Uncharted Waters - New Horizons is a role-playing video game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1993. Developed by Koei, it was one of the first open-world games available on the console and featured a vast world map to explore and an expansive story.

The game takes place during the Age of Exploration, and the player takes on the role of a Portuguese navigator named Leon Porto. The main objective is to explore the world and build up your own trading empire by engaging in various activities such as trading, battling pirates, and searching for sunken treasure. As you progress through the game, you will also encounter various historical figures including Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella.

The game features three different difficulty levels which can be adjusted at any time during play. On each difficulty level, there are different paths that can be taken to complete objectives, giving players plenty of variety in how they play the game. There are also many side quests which involve helping out townsfolk or searching for buried treasure.

In addition to its impressive visuals and detailed world map, Uncharted Waters - New Horizons also features an intuitive control system which makes navigation easy. The player can use either a controller or keyboard to move Leon around the world map and interact with NPCs (non-playable characters). This is especially useful when engaging in battles with enemy ships or trading goods between cities.

Players can also customize their character's stats by investing points into Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Leadership, Charisma and Luck. These stats will determine how successful Leon is in battle or trade negotiations as well as his overall performance throughout the game.

Overall, Uncharted Waters – New Horizons is an ambitious RPG title that offers players plenty of freedom to explore its huge world map while engaging in exciting battles and trading activities along their journey. With its intuitive controls and deep customization options, this classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive title remains just as enjoyable today as it was back in 1993.

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