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Pirates! Gold technical data

Name Pirates! Gold
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer MicroProse Ltd.
Genre RPG

Pirates! Gold is a turn-based strategy video game and sequel to Sid Meier’s Pirates!. It was released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive home console. Its design was inspired by historical events around piracy and naval warfare of the late 17th century, specifically referencing the period known as the 'Golden Age' of piracy.

Players take on the role of a pirate captain, using their ship to travel across seas and oceans while engaging in land-based missions, naval combat, and commanding crewmen activities. The majority of gameplay revolves around utilizing various skills such as sailing and turn-based tactics to battle enemy vessels ranging from trading ships to military craft. A unique spin on mission types include ample opportunities to participate in time-centered ‘duels’ with others looking for Pirate notoriety by defeating them at swordplay or land battles. If a certain number of lucrative ships are sunk during exploration, one can go up against the world’s infamous captains including 'Blackbeard'.

The main objective is ultimately based around accumulating wealth by either obtaining it through combat torn adversary ships or plundering towns for undisclosed hidden treasures. Additionally, amassing fame comes hand in hand with maintaining self-restrained morals such as attacking only flourishing traders that won’t outrightly bore fate into innocent townspeople and siding with recognized nations also providing additional rewards. Alongside this moral dynamic accompany deeper gameplay aspects aside from naval warfare which include trading stock between ports and purchasing supplies amongst other items essential to attaining additional gold coins to place yourself further among famous names such Alexander Selkirk, Calico Jack or Jean Laffite before stashing away your treasure onto an offshore island unbeknownst to all except your trusted crew members.

While progressing through surrounding harbor cities completing quests such as finding lost relatives brings the buzz of anticipation akin to Davy Jones' locker aboard The Flying Dutchman with each new pier visited awaiting more unpredictable perils than the next revealed from a cast consisting from governors ladies daughters sons admirals spice merchants merchants priests aristocrats marquis officers bounty hunters highwayman even corsairs! Excitement erupts as you loot what you can but beware crossing another captain becomes difficult if not foolhardy as waging war renders pirates its fiercest characteristic trait renown for setting folks feet afloat eternally into Davy Jones' Locker! Witty banter between characters push motivations further along within crafted story cutscenes always lending an affordable excuse placing blame onto mutineers if caught red-handed by past victims looking for some form of recompense when traversing continents generally eluding territorial governments warning any who think they can float freely enjoying parrot plucking freedom mentality!

Pirates! Gold is a delightful classic many fans still regard positively today mainly due its proven age corresponding battle mechanics alongside tongue rarely cheek moment kept alive over two decades later showing itself worthy deserving revisiting time again relatively catching audience's eyes playing host hosting skilled gunnery seeking chivalrous competition holding everyone’s interest whether swashbuckling strapping seamen know first mate flintlock otherworldly abysses pirate paradise chance searching Ultimate Goal retiring wealthy regarded throughout seas timelessly remaining gaming benchmark thrilling captivating lasting beyond modern releases many previously thought unmatchable albeit using charming comedic flair familiar actions distinctive core values regardless system employed themselves promising never forget forgotten memorable adventure!

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