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Shining Force technical data

Name Shining Force
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Climax Entertainment
Genre RPG

Shining Force is a tactical role-playing game, originally created for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1992 and later ported to other platforms. Developed by Sonic! Software Planning, it was the second game in the Shining series, following Shining in the Darkness. The player leads an army of characters through a series of battlefields, with battles represented by a turn-based strategy system. The game follows protagonist Max and his quest to restore peace and harmony to the kingdom of Guardiana by battling a powerful force of monsters known as "The Chaos Brethren".

Players control their troops from an overhead view of the battlefield, opening up menus to issue commands such as movement and combat actions. Characters can advance in level by earning experience points from defeating enemies, which boosts their stats and unlocks new abilities for them to use on the battlefield. A treasure can be found on each stage, and progressing through optional stages will increase the number of troops available to bring into battle.

Characters come from various races around Guardiana, such as humans, dwarves, robots, and talking animals. Each character has unique statistics that affect how they perform in battle; these can be augmented further via items which grant special bonuses like increased defense or boosted attack power. There are also permanent upgrades for characters that remain when they switch classes after reaching level 20.

The ultimate goal is to defeat Darksol—the chief commander of The Chaos Brethren—and stop them from resurrecting an ancient evil power known as Dark Dragon (in some versions). Players must survive each challenging battle against increasingly powerful foes while trying to fully restore Guardiana's peace and deny The Chaos Brethren's ambition of world conquest. Victory requires thinking strategically; selecting which allies should accompany players on each mission is essential in order for one to survive the intense battles ahead!

With varied terrain types that suited the turn-based grid system well, a varied cast of characters with distinct personalities who make enjoyable dialogue throughout your journey and exciting music during battle scenes accompanied by impressive 2D visuals have made Shining Force one of SEGA’s classic games that still lives on in its modern adaption titles many years since its debut in 1992

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