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Space Harrier II technical data

Name Space Harrier II
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1989
Developer Sega
Genre Shooter

Space Harrier II is a classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive shoot 'em up that originally released in 1988, and has been re-released multiple times since (including 2020). The game puts players into the shoes of the intrepid Space Harrier, a young warrior determined to protect his world from alien invaders.

The game is a side-scrolling shooter where players move their onscreen character from left to right across the screen while shooting down enemies with their trusty laser blaster. The game's levels range from sea caves and volcanic regions, to sprawling cityscapes and otherworldly landscapes. There are nine levels in total that each contain various obstacles such as junks of metal blocking certain pathways or lasers shooting across the screen that the player must carefully avoid.

Power ups are scattered throughout the levels, granting special abilities like speed-ups or even more powerful weaponry. As soon as all enemies in a given area have been defeated, a yellow goal indicator appears indicating it’s time to move onto the next stage. Some stages also have unique boss fights which can be quite challenging if unprepared so some tactics may be required during these sections. A big part of Space Harrier II's appeal lies in its vibrant and varied graphics which make every level an exciting visual experience best enjoyed by those with a keen eye for detail!

Gameplay progression becomes more difficult as the player progresses through Space Harrier II’s increasingly toughlevels but they can also choose to return to earlier stages once they reach higher difficulties allowing them to stock up on extra lives and power ups should they need it. Moreover, two players can compete against each other cooperatively, adding an extra layer of fun and intensity to the gaming action. In 2019, readers of Retro Gamer awarded Space Harrier II “Best 8-bit Shoot 'Em Up Game” for its intense action, great soundscape and captivating graphics. Over 30 years later it remains one of SEGA's classic arcade shmups – proving its timelessness!

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