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Skeleton Krew technical data

Name Skeleton Krew
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Core Design Ltd.
Genre Shooter

Skeleton Krew is a sidescrolling platformer game developed by Pulse Entertainment and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console system. The game was released in 1995, but re-released on Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2007. The video game follows Credo and Reina, two members of a skeleton crew who are sent to battle against Doctor Faust's robots in order to save the dream world. Along the way, they enlist help from other skeletal allies while they progress through several levels of action and platforming.

The player controls their character with the directional pad, jump button, and buttons to select their weapon. Weapons in Skeleton Krew include shotguns, daggers, lasers, clubs and bombs. As with most platform games at the time, levels were designed with multiple paths so alternative solutions could be used to progress. Players can gain bonus points by collecting coins throughout levels as well as crushing enemies within an allotted time limit or by maintaining a combo kills streak without damage taken. Bonus areas are also scattered throughout each level of Skeleton Krew which contain weapons upgrades or bonus points when completed successfully.

An interesting aspect of this game is the ability for either one or two players cooperate together going through any given level via link cable connection between two separate gaming systems. It is possible for one character to grab onto another character’s body and move forward using that force to its advantage; whether it be avoiding harmful projectiles or simply reaching higher platforms than could be done alone . This unique double team mechanic is utilized heavily during certain boss battles later on in Story mode where two partners must join together in order to defeat differently powered robotic monsters that can only be killed when both characters simultaneously shoot at them from opposite sides of the screen during battle sequences.

Bringing all these concepts together helps make Skeleton Krew an entertaining title that mixes classic platforming action coupled with light steampunk aesthetic which currently stands out among many other titles in its genre today due being released back before 3D era games were even around. Although criticism has been given towards later portions due to lengthier waiting times between waves of enemies while trying take down larger bosses plus sparse number total levels , Skeleton Krew still remains generally well received due popularity various enemy types spawn rates offered special co-op feature available play scenarios . It proves remain firmly established lasting memory those years involved childhood found playing Mega Drive Saturday mornings growing up .

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