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Rambo III technical data

Name Rambo III
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1989
Developer Sega
Genre Shooter

Rambo III is a side-scrolling action game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1988. Developed and published by Sega, it is based on the Rambo film of the same name and features digitized graphics, similar to those Sega had featured throughout their arcade games at the time. Players take control of John Rambo, who must battle his way through Afghanistan, rescuing prisoners of war and engaging in all sorts of exciting battles.

The gameplay is structured around eight distinct levels filled with enemies to defeat. In each level, you must make your way from left to right, fighting off hordes of enemy forces and rescuing POWs when prompted. The levels range from jungles to underground lairs and all feature plenty of environmental hazards along with dangerous enemies. As you progress through the game your weapons can be improved with advancements in speed, rate of fire and ammunition capacity as well as secret weapon upgrades hidden throughout the stages. You are also able to confront bosses at certain points which require some intense firepower or clever thinking in order to overcome them.

One thing which makes this particular version stand out compared to other versions it appears on is that it supports several different controller options allowing players to create custom control combinations depending on their individual preference. The motion sensor feature even allows you to use the joystick like an actual gun making aiming much easier than using a traditional directional pad or analogue stick setup. Additional features include a few mini-games such as Hang Gliding, Chopper Attack and Tank Battle which if completed offer additional rewards such as weapon upgrades or extra lives depending on how far through them you managed to get. This provides a nice break from the standard level grind but can also type up too much if one dwells on them for too long as mainly due to the lack of information given regarding what needs doing within these sequences.

Overall though, Rambo III is an enjoyable experience despite being relatively simple mechanically speaking due its weighty themes delivered via some serviceable visuals for their time period coupled with fairly tough difficulty curve that ramps up significantly towards its conclusion making this one well worth revisiting should you’ve not played it before or just want another playthrough for nostalgia’s sake even decades later – especially appealing given this iteration has now been included within other classic console collections releasing over recent times proving its timelessness..

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