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Robocop 3 technical data

Name Robocop 3
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Ocean Software Ltd.
Genre Shooter

Robocop 3, released on the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1992, is a side-scrolling action game based on the RoboCop film series from Orion Pictures. The player takes control of RoboCop as he attempts to fight off a hostile OCP takeover of Delta City.

The game begins with a mission briefing presented by Commissioner Edward Smith of Delta City Police Department that informs the player about the current threat and leads them to progress through the city eliminating enemies and freeing hostages. There are five levels in total, each featuring numerous waves of enemies such as police officers, different types of robots and ED-209s. As well as defeating these adversaries, certain objects such as hidden keys or documents must be collected while navigating the stages. These increase your score and help unlock bonus stages in which more points can be earned.

RoboCop has several weapons at his disposal while playing through these levels including an automatic gun, contact shot that shoots pellets which can cause heavy damage at close range, overhead laser and grenade launcher which requires ammunition drops during missions to use effectively. He also has a limited supply of energy shields which can replenish some health if used properly or protected him from harm for some period of time before breaking apart. Furthermore, there are power ups scattered throughout the level that can upgrade RoboCop's abilites such as rapid fire mode or rapid reload option for both auto and contact shots providing increased firepower against enemies.

The bosses are unique for each stage with some requiring using particular weapons to defeat them before progressing onto the next level or returning to another area from one already cleared; one example being Nemesis who needs to be defeated in two parts before allowing passage into the final stage. Various items found throughout each level are stored in inventory and when certain conditions have been met they will open up special doors leading into optional sublevels where players must complete separate objectives within time limit racking up additional bonuses if successful operation can occur within timing allowed by game clock displayed on HUD (heads up display).

RoboCop 3 offers memorable – although incredibly challenging – retro gameplay with thrilling set pieces, sound design featuring sampled soundtracks taken directly from original movie series making sureplaying truly immersive experience all around! The impressive visuals complement gameplay perfectly resembling futuristic cyberpunk world seen in movies while cutaway sequences between levels keep player excited filling motivation relentlessly pushing towards completing objectives at hand due ever-elusive feeling completion brings along!

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