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Stargate technical data

Name Stargate
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Probe
Genre Shooter

Stargate is a sci-fi action video game developed and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive in 1991. The game is loosely based on the 1994 film of the same name and was released several months before it. Stargate follows lieutenant colonel Jack O’Neil who, along with Daniel Jackson, has to battle an evil alien race known as the Ra’tac in order to save humanity.

The gameplay involves side-scrolling action levels where you must fight your way through enemies while collecting various power-ups and mapping out hidden paths via a world map. Here you constantly have to monitor your shield energy as well as ammunition levels in order to make it through untapped opponents and obstacles alike. In addition, Tony (the AI) often provides guidance and assistance during challenging portions of the game. As you progress further, you gain access to a selection of different weapons—ranging from shotguns, lasers, flamethrowers, grenades and more—for combating enemies from close range or afar. Certain levels also include shooting sections that play out like rail shooters, though even here you can manually aim your gun for precision hits or strategic movement around the environment.

Moreover there are numerous puzzles throughout which require items such as keys, cards or solutions to cryptic phrases for unlocking doors or discovering new paths which shifts away from exclusively combat encounters. Additionally Stargate features several minigames including one where you must defend an ancient spaceship from incoming projectiles or another designed to test your knowledge about hieroglyphics at one stage of play. Doing these correctly will award special rewards such as additional energy power-ups but can be punishing if failed consecutive times - showcasing the thoughtfulness extended by its developers when creating this title that’s both accessible yet difficult at time intervals during its overall arc.

For the presentation side of things Stargate presents 16 bit era visuals that hold up remarkably well for their intended purpose – especially for its cutscenes interspersed between stages – plus audio design that consists of fitting sound effects blended with ambient tunes complimenting each setting nicely alongside voice clips spread across dialogue exchanges between characters both major & minor in place throughout this adventure .

In summing up Stargate player satisfaction is guaranteed given its strong production values & array of different engaging elements working in union making this retro title classic worth checking out more than thirty years later in 2021

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