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Target Earth technical data

Name Target Earth
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer NCS Corporation
Genre Shooter

Target Earth is a side-scrolling action shooter video game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1990. The game was developed by Wolf Team and published by Telenet Japan. In the game, players take on the role of an android soldier named "Gemini" who must battle against a mysterious alien force that has invaded Earth.

The story of Target Earth follows Gemini as they fight their way through nine levels of action-packed gameplay. Players are tasked with destroying all of the aliens' forces and eventually defeating their leader, the mysterious alien known as "Nova". Alongside Gemini, players will also have access to two other characters: Stinger, an armored cyborg; and Maxima, a female android with a special high-tech rifle. As players progress through each level they will encounter various kinds of enemies such as robots, aliens, and giant insects. They will also be able to pick up powerups such as health packs and extra weapons to help them in their mission.

Target Earth features several modes of play including single-player mode, cooperative play with friends or family members via split-screen mode, and even a versus mode where players can battle against one another for bragging rights. Additionally, there are six difficulty levels to choose from which can make the game more challenging for experienced players or easier for newcomers.

The visuals in Target Earth are quite impressive considering its age with detailed sprites and colorful backgrounds that add to the overall atmosphere of each stage. The music is also quite memorable thanks to its catchy synthesized tunes that accompany gamers throughout their journey.

Overall, Target Earth is an enjoyable action shooter that offers something unique for fans of the genre while still having plenty of appeal for those unfamiliar with it. It's simple yet fun gameplay makes it easy to pick up while its variety of modes ensures that there is something here for everyone regardless of skill level or experience.

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