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Pocket Monsters technical data

Name Pocket Monsters
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 2000
Developer Ex-Chuanpu
Genre Action

Pocket Monsters was an isometric-style platform game released in 1995 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The game followed the adventures of a young boy named Mike and his faithful robot, GOGO, as they explored a mysterious world filled with monsters. The game featured various puzzles, enemies, and a unique story.

The player began their journey by controlling Mike and using GOGO to fight or evade pockets of hostile monsters that randomly appeared in each stage. Defeating the creatures earned experience points which could be used to increase Mike’s statistics such as strength, speed and defense capabilities. Using these increased attributes players could then traverse further into levels whilst cautiously avoiding hidden traps and enemies which were often found hiding within tight locations within the map. These obstacles would temporarily appear when triggered by either Mike or GOGO before quickly evaporating; granting access to secret bonus items otherwise unreachable from generic level exploration.

As well as progressing through map areas filled with creatures encounters also occurred upon gaining entry into battle sections where players had to defeat certain opponents before being able to advance further into the game. These fights were more than just useful rewards however; enemies provided players with powerful weapons called Power Stones which not only boosted stats when equipped but offered unlockable abilities if enough upgrades were collected throughout gameplay. This variety in combat was essential for unravelling secrets secrets scattered throughout the levels including tougher monsters located deeper within otherwise inaccessible regions of each of twenty-six different levels in total.

Alongside all these features Pocket Monsters also included an engaging storyline set in a warring post-apocalyptic future where humanity existence hangs in the balance between two rival forces; Nexus 1 and Hisu Incorporated who constantly compete against one another by amassing monster armies which hunt both friendly characters and hostile villains alike! Moving between bases located all around the world Mike must seek out alliances with survivors while occasionally battling additional AI enemies encountered while travelling who can take various forms; ranging from giant robots to funky aliens - escalating tension between battles throughout each stage!

The game concluded once Mike had rescued all citizens from planets threatened by Hisu Incorporated's malicious intentions allowing him onto confront Lord Madura (the main antagonist) who through his military might had taken control of major interplanetary resources; attempting to use them as leverage for world domination although thankfully this conquest never came about due to courageous actions taken by our heroes along their journey on Pocket Monsters!

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