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Risky Woods technical data

Name Risky Woods
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Zeus Software
Genre Action

Risky Woods is a platform video game, developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1992. The game stars a protagonist named Risky Woods, who is an adventurous elf that has set out to find a magical last wish for his deceased father. Throughout the game, Risky is forced to traverse various levels filled with enemies and traps, as he attempts to reach the end of each level and collect various items needed to accomplish his quest.

The game features two main modes: Story Mode and Challenge Mode. In Story Mode, players are guided through the tale of Risky's journey while they progress through fourteen stages filled with monsters and obstacles. Each stage must be completed before progressing to the next one; if all stages have been cleared successfully then players will reach the final confrontation against an evil wizard. In Challenge Mode, players are given three attempts at reaching ten levels. Points are earned based on how quickly each level is completed and by collecting items within them; these points can be used to purchase upgrades such as more lives or power-ups like auto-fire weapons. Additionally, players can customize their character through customizing their hair color/style and garment color/designs as well as gaining special abilities like super jumping or invincibility via hidden items in each level.

The gameplay consists of run-and-jump platforming action where players take control of Risky woods navigating him through several side-scrolling stages across the five different lands present in the land of Mineraloque (a world divided into four elements: Wind, Waterfire & Earth). Along his way he’s assisted by four elemental powers which guide him from dominion to dominion supplying each stage with challenging puzzles to solve or beatable boss fights overfilled with tanks and airships shooting inconveniently placed fireballs every second without leave for restocking hearts nor supplies between each rank.

Each stage contains its own unique set of characters acting independently aiding in both combat assistance (Slimes & Wizards) but mostly hindering it while trying to protect their rankings chambers around the lakeside fields(floating drums & gun wielding roguish knights). Hidden bonuses that include secret areas filled with extra life restores Hearts & Coins reside throughout realms granting additional rewards not just filling up heart containers but also unlocking special weapons which can easily turn a hard battle into somewhat easier playground field either unblocked routes towards victory or giving access towards mini-bosses early on defensive stouts making them vulnerable against regular attacks even in late stages such possible beam weapon capable against robot armies or crossbows capable against flying aids alike.

Risky Woods was met with generally favorable reviews from critics upon release; many praised its colorful graphics, comedic style, variety of enemies and upgrades available for customization, however some criticized its difficulty level noting how some bosses were too difficult to beat without spending long amounts of time on one particular fight. Overall though Risky Woods remains one of Sega's most successful classic platformers deserving recognition for it catchy soundtracks & engaging atmosphere created by solid graphic design able engaging alone not just new retaining user experience reached without much frustration found among other games due back then formats allowing gamers find easy spots than hitting multiple walls age after agewhile revisiting underdeveloped stages neither missing jump height nor speeds making this grand fast paced adventure whole lot interesting regardless yours ages teenage still raising sons generations decades apart ever heard speak endangered words “Genesis did what Nintendon’t?” mentioning years after nostalgic recollection left audiences alike cheering even at least once decade past became historical landmark since 1992 “Risky Woods remains classic you should play time ”

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