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Rastan Saga II technical data

Name Rastan Saga II
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Action

Rastan Saga II is an action-adventure game developed and published by Taito for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive in 1989. The game was released as a sequel to Rastan and was met with critical acclaim.

In the game, you play as a Barbarian called Rastan, who along with his ally Saria sets out on an epic adventure through land, sea and sky in order to recover the legendary Sword of Fire from the evil wizard Zarek. As you travel across the six distinct regions of the continent of Maranna—the Grasslands, Mijitsu Forest, Utopia Building, Labyrinth Islands, Little Lands and Sky Docks—you battle horrifying creatures and wizened bosses in order to progress.

Courtesty Taito's devs approach to Rastan Saga II, every level boasts unique visuals that differ significantly from one another. From a vast desert area filled with ferocious sandstorms to murky swamps teeming with devious enemies or crumbling ruins dotted with icy glaciers and plunging chasms—players are truly taken on an unforgettable journey throughout Maranna while taking down hordes of baddies or competing against waves of powerful bosses.

Other features include weapon pickups scattered around each stage which can be used to your advantage but players can also choose a specialized class ranging from warrior to wizards where stats are more focused towards either offence or defense for more strategic missions. Weapons range from swords that allow multiple combos to ranged ranged crossbows with homing pearls or destructive fireball spells cast by powerful sorcerers amongst other devastatingly effective weapons

In addition there are magical items found within levels that help make progress such as wings that grant short-term flight or special potions called 'Breath' which add bonus HP or speed up movement drastically when consumed during tough battles--also hidden treasures located throughout levels grant bonus gold coins used for upgrading your character further into later stages. Taking advantage of such boosts comes highly recommended otherwise it may prove difficult defeating more hearty bosses without them.

The combat system offers dynamic yet relatively straightforward battles due its reflex mechanics– you attack if buttons pressed at correct timing otherwise damage will be reduced , use projectile attacks at distance instead of approaching aggressively . This helps keep players on their toes as there are many deadly traps scattered around each region waiting for unsuspecting explorers ! But invaluable rewards come those brave enough explore riskier regions on way to discovering coveted sword . Definitively ones worth playing even classic standards today!

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