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Pocket Monsters 2 technical data

Name Pocket Monsters 2
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 2001
Developer Ex-Chuanpu
Genre Action

Pocket Monsters 2, also known as Pokémon 2 in the West, is a 2D action-adventure video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The game was first released in Japan in 1996, then followed by releases in North America and Europe during the same year.

The game features classic RPG elements with a focus on battling wild Pokémon and catching them to become part of your team of collecting creatures. Battle rules are similar to competitive Pokémon games but scaled back in complexity, allowing younger players to get into it more easily. The main goal of Pocket Monsters 2 is to defeat all eight masters of each region which will allow you enter special tournaments where even more powerful versions of Pokémon can be discovered.

Players start their journey from their home town selecting their character from four options, male or female and one with slightly different stats for each gender. During the game chat-bubbles pop up to provide plot advancements ,update quests and give expirience point rewards which are used for leveling up your characters stats such as hitpoints, strength and speed. Throughout the campaign you´ll be running through forests, rocky mountains, caves, power plants and other areas completing tasks while encountering both friendly Pokemon as well as other trainers roaming these areas either challenging you to battle or offering items like new pokedexes or better gear upgrades that help progress your journey. To support exploration there is an overworld map which allows quick access between different regions only interrupted by random encounterers that increase the variety of teams you face during the adventure,.

Throughout the campaign gamers can obtain Poke Balls which allow capture of wild pokemon that now can become part of your party. Having a larger variety means adding extra strategies for tackling dungeons so getting stronger Pokemon could save time during completion bonuses or help solve puzzles throughout maps found untraversed sections otherwise inaccessible without specific attributes only certain creatures from your party have . Your personal character’s level takes advantage from every battle won or lost on top using items obtained thourghout dungeon exploration empowering economic strategies arming player’s team accordingly instead investing raw energy grinding XP during random battles. Balance between capturing always adds a somehow litlle amount of risk until master shinies appear ,empowering your base hits bringing top gear slightly removing any challenge faced prior in case lots of resources already harvested duirng main quest line completion instead relying fully to luck factor when finding rare types having charged special moves instead enjoying contentment shortly gained huting skills testing ultra boost (eg psychic) on buffed monsters ready fo action right away instead hoping weakling variants exploiding advantages got specially given those trainers possessing better skills then you did..

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