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Puggsy technical data

Name Puggsy
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Psygnosis
Genre Action

Puggsy is a platformer video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1993. It centers around the titular character Puggsy, an alien who has crash-landed on a strange planet filled with hazards and dangers. His goal is to explore the world and find a way off of the planet. Along the way, he must collect special objects called “burners”, which are used to power up objects that Puggsy needs to progress further.

Puggsy has several interactive elements for players, including puzzles, collecting items, and fighting enemies. The game contains seven levels spread across three worlds—a jungle world, an outer space world, and an underground cavern world—which must be navigating and explored in order to progress through each stage. The levels all contain their own hazards, objectives and enemies which must be overcome in order to advance further in the game; these include flying creatures such as spiders and bats, robotic arms, rolling boulder obstacles and pits. Each level also features unique bosses at its end which must be defeated before moving on to the next level.

The main objective throughout Puggsy is to collect burners while avoiding enemy encounters or using them effectively against them; when burned they will cause either a contact explosion or large area-of-effect attacks leaving enemies vulnerable to attack or providing safe paths over hazardous areas of terrain. Burners can also provide indirect utility such as powering doors open or powering platforms up that allow passage into otherwise blocked areas. There are also smaller powerups scattered across each level allowing a limited amount of general health regeneration or access too useful objects such as backpacks for carrying items around more easily or jetpacks for short periods of flight time; these vary from world to world depending on their environment type though several have hidden surprises within them such as one-off bonus opportunities like infinite continues if found within secret tunnels found only through keen exploration of the lore's resources – these are essential to successful completion of Puggsy due to some incredibly difficult levels that can otherwise result in impassable roadblocks in certain cases..

The graphics for 'Puggsy' used Mode 7 capabilities offered by 16-bit consoles at the time during some moments where sprites spiral outwards during boss battles––whilst this was likely done due hardware limitations it nonetheless offered viewers a brief but impressive quip into creative ways developers were able working out hardware hurdles at times with quick coding fixes that produced surprisingly profound moments during play sessions which although shortlived made players feel as if they had control over something bigger than themselves momentarily albeit remembering it wasn't real at times––regardless animations were fluid enough allowing for seamless transitions between cutscenes & action scenes along with smooth animation flow minus any hiccups responding swiftly according inputs without any latency noticeable during play enabling players fully engross themselves into their grand quest towards escape this far away land filled with secrets still waiting discovery?

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