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James Bond 007 technical data

Name James Bond 007
System Master System II
Year 1984
Developer Parker Brothers
Genre Action

The James Bond 007 Sega Master System is one of the most iconic and beloved gaming consoles of all time. Released in 1984, the console was a huge success and it spawned a number of games based on the popular James Bond franchise. The console featured two controllers and an RF switch, allowing for up to two players to play at once. It was also one of the first gaming consoles to feature built-in memory cards, allowing players to save their progress.

The console itself was designed with sleek lines and a black finish, giving it a classic look that still stands out today. It had two slots for cartridges, which could be exchanged with other games or used in combination with special adapters that allowed you to play imported titles from Japan or Europe. The joystick was easy to use and had a good range of motion, while its buttons were arranged in an intuitive layout that made it easy to access different functions quickly.

The graphics on the James Bond 007 Sega Master System were quite good for its time, especially when compared to other 8-bit systems like the NES or Atari 2600. While some games looked better than others, they all had fairly detailed sprites and backgrounds that helped bring each game's world alive. The sound was also quite impressive considering its age; many games featured music composed by professional composers such as Yuzo Koshiro and Hiroshi Kawaguchi.

The library of games available for the system was quite diverse, ranging from sports titles like World Cup Soccer to action adventure titles such as Spy vs Spy and Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master. Many of these games remain popular today; some have even been ported over to modern systems such as Xbox Live Arcade or Nintendo Virtual Console. Aside from these classic titles, there were also plenty of educational titles designed specifically for children such as Math Blaster or Word Zap!

In addition to its great library of titles, the James Bond 007 Sega Master System also had several peripherals available including joypads and lightguns that allowed you to enjoy shooting-based arcade style games at home. It was even possible to connect a printer so you could print out your saved high scores!

Overall, the James Bond 007 Sega Master System is an iconic piece of gaming history that still resonates with players today thanks to its great library of classic titles and unique design features. From its sleek looks down to its well-crafted controls, this console has cemented itself as one of the best 8-bit systems ever released - making it an essential purchase for any retro gamer's collection!

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