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Kenseiden technical data

Name Kenseiden
System Master System II
Year 1988
Developer Sega
Genre Action

Kenseiden is a Sega Master System game released in 1986. It is a side-scrolling action adventure game set during the Sengoku period of Japan's history. The player takes on the role of Hayato, a samurai warrior who has been tasked by his master with recovering eight magical scrolls from eight powerful demons scattered across Japan.

The game consists of eight levels, each containing multiple stages. At the beginning of each level, Hayato must battle through hordes of enemies to reach the end boss. After defeating the boss, he must then search for and collect one of the magical scrolls in order to progress to the next level. Along the way, Hayato can collect power-ups that increase his strength and abilities, as well as bonus items that give him extra lives or points.

In addition to battling enemies, Hayato must also navigate his way around obstacles such as pits and walls. Some levels also feature puzzles that must be solved in order to progress. As well as using his sword and other weapons, Hayato can also use special techniques called "Kenjutsu" which can be used to defeat enemies or break obstacles.

The graphics in Kenseiden are quite basic but still effective at conveying its atmosphere and setting. The music is composed in an 8-bit style and fits perfectly with the visuals on screen. There are several difficulty settings available, making Kenseiden suitable for players of all skill levels.

Overall, Kenseiden is an excellent example of a classic side-scrolling action adventure game from the 8-bit era. Its simple yet addictive gameplay makes it easy to pick up and play for short bursts or longer sessions alike. It remains one of the most beloved Sega Master System games ever released, and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans both old and new alike!

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