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Ninja Princess technical data

Name Ninja Princess
System Master System II
Year 1986
Developer Sega
Genre Action

"Ninja Princess" is a side-scrolling platformer game released in 1986 for the Sega Master System.

The player controls the protagonist, a ninja princess named Miharu, as she battles against enemies and obstacles to complete various missions.

Miharu is equipped with a sword and ninja abilities, such as jumping and climbing, to help her overcome obstacles and defeat foes.

The game was well-received for its challenging gameplay, varied levels, and unique setting, with a ninja princess as the lead character.

It was praised for its responsive controls, tight platforming, and engaging combat, making it a fan-favorite title for the Sega Master System.

While Miharu, the Ninja Princess, may not require a traditional resume, her character has left a lasting impact on the video game industry and is remembered fondly by fans of the Sega Master System.

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