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Flicky technical data

Name Flicky
System Master System II
Year 1984
Developer Sega
Genre Action

"Flicky" is a video game that was released for the Sega Master System in 1984.

It was developed and published by Sega and was part of their library of games for the Master System.

The game is a classic arcade-style platformer that follows the adventures of the titular character, Flicky, as she tries to escape from a house filled with dangerous creatures.

In "Flicky," the player takes on the role of Flicky, a small bird with a distinctive chirping sound.

The goal of the game is to guide Flicky through a house filled with dangerous creatures, such as cats and mice, and collect her bird friends along the way.

The player must navigate through a series of platforms and obstacles to reach the end of each level.

The game is divided into multiple levels, each with its own set of challenges.

The levels are designed to increase in difficulty as the player progresses, with new obstacles and enemies appearing as the player advances.

The game also features power-ups, such as speed boosts and invincibility, that can help the player overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

One of the unique features of "Flicky" is its emphasis on strategy.

The player must not only navigate through the levels, but also think about the best way to collect the bird friends.

The bird friends follow Flicky as she moves, but they can easily be separated or trapped by enemies.

The player must use careful planning and quick reflexes to keep the bird friends together and lead them safely to the end of each level.

The graphics and sound in "Flicky" are simple, but effective.

The game features colorful, cartoon-style graphics that bring the characters and environments to life.

The sound effects, such as Flicky's chirping and the enemy growls, add to the game's overall atmosphere and provide cues for the player.

Despite its age, "Flicky" remains a fun and challenging game to play.

Its simple gameplay and cute characters have endeared it to many gamers, and it has become a classic of the Sega Master System library.

The game's emphasis on strategy and its cute and colorful presentation have made it a favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, "Flicky" is a classic arcade-style platformer that was released for the Sega Master System in 1986.

The game's cute and colorful graphics, challenging gameplay, and emphasis on strategy make it a standout title in the Sega Master System library.

The game remains a fun and enjoyable experience for gamers of all ages and is a must-play for anyone who loves classic arcade-style platformers.

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