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As Aventuras da TV Colosso technical data

Name As Aventuras da TV Colosso
System Master System II
Year 1996
Developer Sega
Genre Action

As Aventuras da TV Colosso is a platform game developed by Tec Toy and released for the Sega Master System in 1992. The game follows the adventures of a group of kids from the fictional Brazilian town of Colosso, who travel to different parts of their world to fight monsters and save their town from destruction.

The game begins with the evil villain “Dr. Maligno” who has stolen all the color from Colosso, plunging it into darkness. To restore color to their town, the kids must find three magical items: an ancient crown, a powerful crystal ball and a mysterious egg. Each item is held by one of Dr. Maligno’s henchmen and they can only be found in different locations around the world.

The player takes control of one of four characters: Joao (the strongman), Paulo (the acrobat), Mariana (the magician) or Bruno (the thief). Each character has their own unique abilities which will aid them in completing each level successfully. For example, Joao can break down walls while Paulo can climb them; Mariana can cast magic spells while Bruno can pick locks. As they progress through each level, they will battle various enemies such as bats, spiders, ghosts and robots. Along the way they will also need to collect coins and other items that can be used to purchase upgrades such as better weapons and armor at shops throughout the game.

As Aventuras da TV Colosso is an enjoyable platformer that features vibrant graphics and catchy music which capture the spirit of its Brazilian setting nicely. It also offers some unique gameplay mechanics like being able to switch between characters mid-level which add an extra layer of strategy to proceedings. All in all it’s a great game for fans of classic platformers or anyone interested in exploring Brazil’s rich gaming history further.

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