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Hoshi wo Sagasite... technical data

Name Hoshi wo Sagasite...
System Master System II
Year 1988
Developer Sega
Genre Action

Hoshi wo Sagasite... is a Japanese-exclusive action-adventure game developed by Sega for the Sega Master System and released in 1987. It was never released outside of Japan. The game follows the story of a young boy who is on a quest to save his friend, who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard named Dorga.

The game is set in a fantasy world and is divided into five distinct levels: forest, mountain, sea, sky, and castle. In each level, the player must explore and defeat enemies to progress through the level. The ultimate goal of each level is to find the star pieces that Dorga has hidden away. Once all five star pieces are collected, the player can access Dorga’s castle and attempt to rescue their friend from captivity.

The gameplay of Hoshi wo Sagasite… consists primarily of platforming elements combined with action-oriented combat. Players must traverse through various obstacles while avoiding or defeating enemies along the way. Many levels feature puzzles which must be solved in order to progress further into the stage. Additionally, players may collect power-ups such as extra lives or magic spells which can be used against enemies or certain obstacles.

Hoshi wo Sagasite… features colorful visuals combined with an upbeat soundtrack that fits perfectly with its whimsical setting. The various levels are filled with vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds that truly bring this world to life. Additionally, sound effects are used throughout the game to give it an even more lively atmosphere as well as provide helpful hints during puzzles and enemy encounters.

Overall, Hoshi wo Sagasite… is an enjoyable adventure game that offers plenty of exploration and challenge for those willing to take on Dorga’s minions in order to save their friend from captivity. Despite its limited release, it remains one of the most beloved games within Sega’s 8-bit library due to its charming storyline and captivating visuals & sound design.

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