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Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Crossroads of Time technical data

Name Star Trek - Deep Space 9 - Crossroads of Time
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Novotrade International
Genre Action

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time is an action-adventure game for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, based loosely on the popular television show of the same name. The player takes control of Lieutenant Commander Worf and Captain Benjamin Sisko as they travel back in time to prevent a Bajoran religious artifact from falling into the hands of evil conquerors known as The Dominion.

The game follows a standard top-down shooter style with 8-bit graphics. Upon starting the game, players have choices on where they wish to explore; stations orbiting a planet, specific regions or going at warp speed is always an option. Along their path they will battle enemy ships using phasers and photon torpedoes which can be upgraded along the journey. The original plot was retooled to reflect events in later episodes and requires gamers keenly observant while completing tasks throughout DS9’s twelve sectors. Unlocking different levels changes the plot significantly so Wii make sure you look closely around before continuing on your story! Various weapons will help Worf and Captain Sisko in their mission, from directed energy weapons that can sweep across an entire area to deflecting shields that absorb incoming damage when placed strategically by timing ones attacks with finesse. Other equipment includes plasma mines which explode when enemies come too close and holophotons which grant you power ups such as invulnerability or extra health points.

Alternatively, another feature allows players to alternate between Worf and Captain Sisko at any time during interact sequences with people onboard DS9, gaining entry codes or unlocking other doors. Players collect tools in order to modify ship designs such as powerful tractor beams or better shielding mechanisms apart from upgrading their arsenal too!

Players are also invited for some real-time management decisions when it comes to balancing between phaser fire allocation among multiple targets at once, managing energy resources effectively in hostile circumstances all according to each teammates experience. As gamers progress against powerful Dominion forces, puzzles become increasingly difficult testing their understanding abilities more thoroughly than ever before! Though this simulation can get pretty intense; from launching massive pulse barrages against bandits near space stations no matter how much one succeeds there’s still room for failure - something those new to this game should be prepared for! But rest assured, with help coming through missions passed half way point victory is much closer than thought very attainable even if its just beating sub bosses like Brakmastetra or Makktaharr who demand attention along their adventures through Deep Space Nine’s vast universe borderlands!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time offers experienced players an engaging yet challenging set of dynamics that makes a great couch gaming experience or lengthy play session away from TV screens alike - allowing them use smart planning strategies while navigating treacherous scenarios encountered while playing through eight beautifully designed levels full of alien creatures huge vessels zooming across screen thanks to Sega's cool 8 bit special effects available back then! So grab your Genesis/Mega Drive consoles outta storage hop into Carboth Qwark's iconic bridge seat off ya go saving universe again with no downside at all--It’s quite simply ‘space exploration done right’ indeed...

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