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Star Control technical data

Name Star Control
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Toys for Bob
Genre Shooter

Star Control is a sci-fi action adventure game developed by Accolade in 1992 for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive consoles. It is set in space and allows players to command a variety of starcrafts, as well as explore, trade, battle and interact with alien civilizations throughout the universe.

In terms of story and gameplay, Star Control follows an experienced stellar explorer named The Captain who, under orders from the Earth Command Space Headquarters has been given a mission to search for and then collect mineral specimens from several galaxies within the Milky Way. The main objective is to collect minerals from eight distinct regions for research, which will require visiting far away planets to uncover these resources. In completing this task however, The Captain will have to contend not only with mysterious races inhabiting many of these areas - but also with hostile forces out in deep space. This can be done by user-controlled spaceships engaging in intergalactic warfare during ship-to-ship combat missions, negotiating various dialogue options or earning currency trading wares between different factions while ensuring they don’t become an easy target to threats along the way.

Each area holds unique surprises and eerie predicaments; planets that have been scorched by vengeful spacecrafts, thrilling conflicts within asteroids fields or trading opportunities with some selfless corporate entities – including plenty of scattered secret locations hidden amongst the galaxies that are ripe for exploration. Though deeply embroiled in exotic situations across numerous undiscovered worlds - The Captains personal conviction remains as steely as ever: no matter what obstacles may arise - bring home that mineral sample!

The game itself is presented from a top down perspective and side on melee battles where control is taken over individual ships depending on what kind are discovered at any given moment (ranging from peacekeeping vessels - such as dragonflies – all the way up too massive Star Battleships). These craft cannot exceed the limits set by their velocity meter showing how much of its fuel it has remaining; forcing players to make tough decisions over whether they stay put or proceed any further (what starts as having adventuring capabilities turns into being extremely selective over when they landing on certain parts of any planet). Other environmental details also complement this aspect e.g day/night cycle changing affecting certain events whilst making sure you’re well stocked before visiting other civilisations markets (its wise to keep investing in those precious energy crystals)

Not only does Star Control provide nostalgic visuals amidst its futuristic galaxy setting (background material consists digitised artworks often popularised during early 90's), but adds unique soundtracks that help build moods heavy with drama especially during battle sequences thus providing glimpses into an era that laid foundations for some iconic sci-fi gaming experiences.

Overall this game beautifully demonstrates how imaginative storytelling can be implemented across classic gaming genres perfectly – transporting players through its memorable soundtrack and interactions within a vibrant outer space atmosphere – allowing them to unravel mysteries tucked away within each region! It continues to hold up after all these years through its vast array of stories thrown into one interactive package for fans of sci-fi adventure games

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