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Super Thunder Blade technical data

Name Super Thunder Blade
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1989
Developer Sega
Genre Shooter

Super Thunder Blade is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game released in 1988. It is a 3D scrolling shooter game, where the player takes control of a helicopter and must battle their way through various levels. The game was developed by Sega AM2, the same team responsible for the classic arcade game After Burner.

The objective of Super Thunder Blade is to complete each level by destroying all enemy targets while avoiding obstacles and enemy fire. The player has access to two weapons: missiles and machine guns. The missiles are powerful but have limited range, while the machine guns are weaker but have unlimited range. The player can also pick up power-ups throughout the levels which can increase their firepower or grant them temporary invincibility.

The levels in Super Thunder Blade are set in various locations such as cities, deserts, jungles and even outer space. Each level contains multiple stages with different objectives such as destroying all enemies or reaching a certain point before time runs out. As the player progresses through the levels they will encounter more powerful enemies and tougher obstacles which require quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome.

The graphics in Super Thunder Blade are quite impressive for its time, featuring detailed environments and smooth animation. The music is also quite good, with catchy tunes that fit perfectly with the action on screen. Overall, Super Thunder Blade is an enjoyable experience that still holds up today thanks to its simple yet challenging gameplay and great visuals and sound design.

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