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Rolling Thunder 3 technical data

Name Rolling Thunder 3
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Shooter


Rolling Thunder 3 is a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive side-scrolling action platformer that was released in 1991. The game is the third installment in the Rolling Thunder series, and features Albatross and Leila from the first two games as its protagonists. Players take control of an agent from the fictional agency WCPO, who must infiltrate an organization of terrorists known as the Geldra, who are attempting to overthrow humanity and rule the world.

The gameplay of Rolling Thunder 3 is similar to that of its predecessor, with a few new additions and changes. There are eight levels in total split into four sections; each section has two stages, with a shorter third optional stage also available at certain points. Gameplay mainly consists of running, jumping, and shooting your way through multiple areas while avoiding enemies and obstacles. As with many other side-scrollers at this time-period, there are power-ups scattered throughout each level that can make your character stronger or provide bonus points when collected. New to this installment are mission cards which grant bonus items or points when collected; these can be found on certain areas or walls within levels.

The weapons system from previous installments has been updated for Rolling Thunder 3 as well; each stage has hidden weapon caches containing up to two additional guns for Albatross or Leila's use - taking advantage of these weapons can significantly change how you approach each level's challenges. In addition to regular enemy forces there are also several boss encounters that require different strategies for defeating them; some bosses may possess multiple forms or attack patterns requiring extra care to defeat them successfully before their timer runs out.

Overall Rolling Thunder 3 is an enjoyable side scrolling action platformer experience which ramps up in difficulty as it progresses but remains very accessible throughout. The improved weapons system brings much needed depth to combat and will keep you entertained whilst exploring each area’s varied designs - though some special items may require completion of certain “mini games” such as a pushable block puzzle before they can be acquired – providing an incentive for replaying for players looking for collectibles or extra points upon completion. All this combined makes Rolling Thunder 3 an undeniably fun entry into the series which consistently delivers challenging gameplay without making it too difficult to get through stages - perfect for gamers new to the genre or longtime fans alike!

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