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Universal Soldier technical data

Name Universal Soldier
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Code Monkeys
Genre Shooter

Universal Soldier is an action-packed side-scrolling beat 'em up released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1993. It was developed by Vic Tokai and published by Sega. The game follows two soldiers from different armies, one from the Allied Forces and one from the Axis Powers, as they fight their way through a variety of levels filled with enemies to reach their ultimate goal: stop a powerful supercomputer known as “The Brain” from controlling the entire world.

The game features two main characters, John Blade and Rick Anderson. John Blade is an American soldier fighting alongside his allies while Rick Anderson is a German soldier fighting on the side of the Axis Powers. Both characters have their own unique abilities, such as John being able to use special weapons like flamethrowers while Rick can perform powerful kicks and punches. As the player progresses through each level they will need to make use of both characters' abilities in order to progress and defeat enemies.

The levels themselves are varied in design and feature several different enemies that must be defeated before progressing further into the level. These enemies range from human soldiers to robots, tanks, helicopters, and even giant mechs that must be destroyed in order to complete each level. The player will also come across various power-ups throughout each stage which can give them extra health or special weapons such as grenades or rockets that can help them defeat tougher opponents.

In addition to regular enemies there are also boss battles at the end of each stage which require more skillful tactics in order to be successful. These boss fights usually involve larger enemies with stronger attacks than regular foes so it's important for players to plan out their strategy carefully before engaging them in combat.

Overall Universal Soldier provides an enjoyable experience for fans of classic side-scrolling beat 'em ups with its fast-paced gameplay, varied levels and enemy types, as well as its interesting story involving two soldiers from opposing forces coming together to save the world from a powerful computer system. Fans of this genre should definitely check out this great title for some exciting action!

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