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Splatterhouse 3 technical data

Name Splatterhouse 3
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Now Production
Genre Action

Splatterhouse 3 is a 1993 Sega Genesis game that centers around the haunted theme park known as Terror Island. It serves as the third installment in Namco’s iconic Splatterhouse series, following the original arcade release of Splatterhouse and the 1990 TurboGrafx-16 version. The horror-themed hack and slash title offers survival horror gameplay in an over-the-shoulder perspective with masochistic combat, complex puzzles, and many layered secrets to explore.

The player assumes the role of Rick Taylor, a college student whose girlfriend Jennifer has been kidnapped by an evil entity called “The Coroner”. In order to save her life, Rick must traverse through a gauntlet of monsters and maniacal bosses on Terror Island. During Rick’s journey he will be armed with an array of weapons such as clubs, chainsaws, machetes and rocket launchers - all necessary for slaying his way to safety against gruesome adversaries. Additionally, Rick can enter “Contortion Mode” which grants him temporary invulnerability along with the ability to strike bodies into bloody chunks in one hit.

Rick will face several different enemies throughout this ghastly adventure including zombies, clowns, flying vampires bats, hulking demons and monsters created from piles of skinned corpses stitched together like Frankenstein's monster. He must also run race past crushing mine carts or navigate through electric shock traps in order to survive on Terror Island and locate Jennifer in time before The Coroners sinister plan comes true …

The usually peaceful island is now adorned with human body parts flying about and spewing out blood upon impact; spikes dangling from ceilings intent on impaling any careless trespassers and blooming tentacles creeping up walls seeking its next victim; but all isn't lost! Searching each level will bring forth limbs of strength granting Rick additional power ups such as enhanced fire strength or energy replenishment from hearts located in weirdly colored jars throughout various areas of Terror Island.

With his rigorous quest almost complete team up with your trusty pals - Dr Westmann (Creator) + Mask (Best Friend) - unfold mysteries behind terror islands inhabitant backstories while avoiding huge obstacles such as giant pinball machines drawing closer to land at each conclusion! Dance with danger while defeating grotesque bosses like Trite who may take shape before you eyes or manoeuvre through long narrow hallways teeming volleys of bullets shooting out potential destroyers splintered across our favorite action packed stages.

Verify your courage defeat those against you while protecting yourself & friend Jennifer at all cost! Conquer daunting enemies battle deadly Traps & scavenge hidden objects scattered throughout Terror Island then utilize resources available retrieve her hostage safe & sound – replayability also ensures additional items can be found adding weightage accomplished mission... And still have some fun bringing mayhem old school style as gamer steps foot into newest saga Splatterhouse 3 ready succeed despite odds piling up higher than ever imagined...

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