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Shadow of the Beast 2 technical data

Name Shadow of the Beast 2
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Reflections Interactive
Genre Action

Shadow of the Beast II is a side scrolling action platformer Sega Mega Drive/Genesis game released in 1992. It is the sequel to Psygnosis' 1989 classic ‘Shadow of the Beast’, and features several mechanical and graphical upgrades on its predecessor which place the game at the time firmly in an era when 16-bit power was beginning to be harnessed effectively by developers.

The story follows Ataulf, a young man who seeks revenge for his family's murder at the hands of Maletoth, an evil ruler from the plains of Goblintown. Having vowed to avenge his family’s death no matter what, Ataulf sets off on an epic journey across Gameworld, encountering various enemies along the way; amongst them gigantic lizards and four-armed cyclopes as well as dragon priests and ancient warrior spirits. However, none can stand in our hero's way if he keeps his determination blazing! Our hero must collect magical runes during his travels which help him confront and defeat his nemesis in climactic fashion. Along with fighting traditional enemies back-to-back with his sword, Ataulf can also acquire tools such as javelins which give him offensive capability against larger foes.

Graphically Shadow of the Beast II is surprisingly accomplished for a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis title of its age; it could even be said that it still looks good today thanks to its use of impressively vivid colours and intricately detailed environments. The action controls are smooth and responsive as has become expected from any quality platforming game, making for some satisfyingly enjoyable combat scenarios all throughout the adventure. Music wise there is plenty here to get your toes tapping; a selection of nice characters tunes accompaniment each enemy encounter seamlessly, contributing further to producing an overall pleasurable gaming experience.

Overall Shadow of The Beast II provides force stomps out variety entertainment at every turn; giving players lots different mix beasts guardians obstacles dodge bops ways they can activate items traverse levels fight keep our character continually on toes stunning hand drawn graphics offer just eyeful visual feast while enchanting soundtrack places whole package together neatly bow that pushing little extra excitement out every battle turn you take throughout this excellent title’s duration no doubt leave feeling complete satisfaction!

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