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Splatterhouse 2 technical data

Name Splatterhouse 2
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1992
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Action

Splatterhouse 2 is a classic video game developed and published by Namco Limited for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console. It was first released in Japan in 1992 and later released worldwide in 1993. The game is the sequel to Splatterhouse, the original horror-themed side scrolling action game which was released for the 16-bit era of home consoles. Like its predecessor, Splatterhouse 2 is a fast-paced hack and slash platformer that follows the story of Rick Taylor as he continues his battle against evil forces and monsters.

The dark atmosphere of Splatterhouse 2 features ominous overtones, demonic enemies, and blood soaked energy. The horror part of the genre is highlighted by visuals such as rotting corpses and malformed creatures with twisted limbs. Set three months after the events of Splatterhouse, Rick once again finds himself possession by an ancient terror known as Terror Mask (previously encountered at Wind Mansion). Giving him immense power and one last chance to save his beloved Jennifer, Rick must venture through several buildings, graveyards, labs , catacombs and sewers en route to restoring balance to an ever more dangerous world around him.

Best described as a level-by-level battle royale, each stage presents new obstacles for players to surmount while violent enemies (zombies, mummies, mutants and other deadly creatures) lurk around every corner. If a player finds themselves overwhelmed with danger or needs assistance defying larger than life terror bosses then they can call upon possessions from their trusted mask allies like invulnerability protection or creepy sounding laughter attacks. Enemies gradually become increasingly difficult with each progressing level but plenty of extra items can be found along the way in order to help along the journey including food items which restore health!

As far as gameplay goes it's fairly straightforward – moving left or right to explore locations while jumping or climbing ladders or two button presses are used to carry out either punches/kicks combo attacks or full weapons usage depending on what tools you have available. Aside from numerous levels filled with action packed adventure there's also several mini games scattered throughout where players can access secret rooms via destruction or find hidden artifacts which can boost their score greatly at the end of each level!

In conclusion Splatterhouse 2 is a perfect example of how horror themed video games should be done - featuring challenge levels combined with intense action fans are sure to be kept entertained from start until finish!

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