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Road Rash technical data

Name Road Rash
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Racing

Road Rash is a classic motorcycle racing street-racing video game released by Electronic Arts in 1991 for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive. It was later ported to various computer and console platforms. The game features police chase and illegal speed stunts, intense racing action with riders fighting through all classes of traffic on public roads as well as quirky robots, overpasses, tunnels, and beating them to the finish line.

The player takes control of an unnamed rider participating in an underground version of motorcycle road racing called "Road Rash." Players race at breakneck speeds on different courses within the fictional U.S. state of California .During these races, the player must jostle their opponents off their bikes, using their fists or other items such as chains and clubs which can be picked up during the races. The player can also use nitrous oxide but that can only be used once or twice per race due to it being extremely expensive to refill. With each race completed and won, players are rewarded with prize money which they must use to upgrade their bike’s engine power, top speed performance and tires.

Throughout the course of Road Rash there are police forces patrolling all available tracks where riders must evade capture while attempting to outrace them on all levels whether they succeed or fail to stay ahead or escape brings consequences ranging from monetary fines or loss of license down deeper into their pocketbook should they fail completely – but possibly more significant repercussions include having what remains of your licenses taken away until you pay a hefty fee for every race you did not complete afterward warranting a level through restricted access pass back before resuming slamming rivals off their rides in a cutthroat fight for one's first place finish line . The objective is simple: cross the finish line 1st at any cost--any means necessary! Successfully arresting those on bikes earns additional points needed obtain new tracks & upgrades. Cops will employ helicopters and motorcycles for pursuit purposes so you never know when law enforcement may strike; however if your racer does win enough money in his career then it is possible transition from a “street racer” into an even bigger underground scene known simply as “the ultras" filled with increasingly difficult challenges!

Graphically speaking , Road rash provided vivid 16-bit graphics making it exceptionally unique compared other titles released same time period ; vibrant & detailed textures featured while accompanying surprisingly realistic physics modelling imbued pleasing experience along with nice soundtrack featuring great remixes popular rock songs ( Aerosmith's “Dream On” ) really give feel like early 90s arcade fan dreams come true !

In conclusion , Road rash proved be highly popular title across multiple platforms due its fun yet challenging racing & combat set pieces variety gameplay mechanics ; this forever maintained memorable legacy revered classic from Sega Genesis era gamers continue play today .

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