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Road Rash 3 technical data

Name Road Rash 3
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1995
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Racing

Road Rash 3 is a motorcycle racing/combat game released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1995. Its predecessor, Road Rash II, had been a hit and the third installment maintained its popularity. The game was developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and published by EA Sports BIG. It was one of the first games for the console to offer online play with up to four players competing with modems or null modem cables, although no internet connection was required.

The game itself plays as a racing tournament in three classes (Beginner, Amateur and Pro). There are numerous tracks across different countries featuring unique landscapes and obstacles that must be overcome in order to win. As with previous games in the series, the main thrust of gameplay revolves around aggressive driving tactics whereby opponents can be knocked off their bikes either through ramming or using various weapons scattered along the track such as swings, knives and even an electric baton! Obstacle courses, rivers and helicopter chase sequences add extra challenge to each class and make it harder than ever to complete races without taking damage or crashing out of contention.

Winning races earns players money which can be used to buy upgrades such as improved engines, tires, wheels and special weapons. Money can also be used on cosmetic changes like helmets or new colors for your chosen bike brand. A wide range of famous manufacturers are represented here like Honda, Kawasaki and BMW among others who all offer unique performance specs based on their real-world capabilities.

The game also features several playable characters from bikers to road racers. They all have different attributes that affect how well they perform on each track type so picking your rider is almost as important as buying good upgrades for your bike! The additional singleplayer challenge mode presents distinctive targets such as dodging police cars within a time limit which reward “lucky charms” that allow access to bonus content when unlocked.

The appearance of Road Rash 3 has cartoonish visuals reminiscent of 90s games giving it a timeless charm despite its age but appreciating its implementation would require playing it today – something that’s possible thanks to modern emulators if you still happen to own a Genesis cartridge! Despite stiff competition from many equally excellent titles in its genre at the time Road Rash 3 is still seen fondly today due to its sheer accessibility making it worth revisiting after all these years.

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