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Road Blasters technical data

Name Road Blasters
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Tengen
Genre Racing

Road Blasters is an exciting classic racing game developed and released by Atari in the late 1980s. The original release of Road Blasters was on the Sega Genesis Mega Drive console and was one of the few games available for it at its launch. It was later released on a variety of other platforms, including the PC Engine TurboGrafx-16 and PlayStation 2.

The game centers around a driver competing in races set in various locations all around the world, including cities such as Las Vegas, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. When starting out, only a few tracks are unlocked but more can be earned by winning medals at each track. Players must not only obey traffic rules to be fast enough to win the race but also blast enemies along their way to build up points for power ups that give a speed boost or extra weapons like oil slicks or smokescreen bombs that help survive enemy attacks while driving. There’s also an extra challenge where players can jump cars over ramps scattered throughout the level to gain even more points if they make it without crashing or losing control of their car.

Graphics wise, Road Blasters looks very good for its time, featuring some cool sprite scaling effects when going into tight corners at higher speeds and a nice score overlay system that awards points as you move through each track quickly. Its sound quality is also pretty impressive with lots of digitized sound effects and background music accompanying every race as it ramps things up from start to finish. Overall, Road Blasters is an enjoyable racing game packed with fun graphics, challenging levels and plenty of action that keeps you coming back for more each time you play. Despite being decades old at this point, it remains an enjoyable experience today for those looking for some retro gaming pleasure.

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