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Rock n' Roll Racing technical data

Name Rock n' Roll Racing
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Racing

Rock n’ Roll Racing is a mid-90s top down racing game developed by Silicon & Synapse, now known as Blizzard Entertainment, and released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Initially exclusive to the 16-bit console, Rock n’ Roll Racing has since been ported to several other platforms including the SNES. The game’s signature style is an irreverent and humorous approach to top down racing featuring upgraded cars on planet themed tracks.

At its core Rock n’ Roll racing is a frantic race between four cars, three computer controlled and one player controlled. The game features two primary modes single player championship and vs mode for up to two players simultaneously. As with most racing games, progression through the championship required unlocking cars and tracks by earning money from successful races; money can then be used to upgrade the car or in some cases buy new ones. Gameplay itself consists of negotiating tight corners while avoiding shortcuts often tied up with weaponry that either enhance or reduce performance such as missiles threatening your opponents or power shields keeping you safe from their attacks. Weapons do not feature exclusively in Rock n’ Roll Racing however as you can also collect power ups emitting sparks in order to boost your performance with increased acceleration, handbrake turns and larger jumps in easier corners plus damage repair after hitting obstacles on track.

Aesthetically there's little doubt why this title stands out so much; saturated colours with chunky sprite visuals lighting the way over enhanced versions of classic Jetboy and Black Sabbath songs complete the experience from 30 years ago! Fans of Revenge of Shinobi will note similarities here not least due to Hiroshi Matsumoto responsible for both titles, who worked cleverly blending various genres together but never completely losing sight of what made them good licensed music being one element successfully sampled here! The car designs are based on existing real world models from Hummers to a VW bug – presented atop an alien type landscape where crash barriers make way around treacherous hairpins.

In terms of controls Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing could have done better providing fewer special moves than Konami did with Gradius despite offering control customization allowing auto acceleration plus braking assistance (shift key) or manual control using buttons A & B -as well as shoulder buttons Z & X- giving familiar Genesis gamers added comfort if needed without overwhelming those just playing it for the first time thus accommodating those unfamiliar with typical Daytona outlets being widely used elsewhere at the time.

While fast paced top down racers like Crazy Taxi rose quickly into popular gaming culture Rock n' Roll remains a respected title thanks its marriage of technical design visuals/audio plus gameplay mechanics creating something unlike anything else before or available since! It might not have become an iconic franchise (more's the pity) but does remain timeless reminding us how competitive arcade racers can be when well crafted regardless platform used for players today…

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