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Race Drivin' technical data

Name Race Drivin'
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Polygames
Genre Racing

Race Drivin' (Sega Genesis Mega Drive Version) is a 3D auto racing game developed and published by Atari Games and released in 1992. It is the sequel to the classic 1989 arcade game Hard Drivin'. The Sega Genesis Mega Drive version of Race Drivin' is an updated port of the arcade game, featuring enhanced graphics and sound.

The game allows up to two players to race against each other on one of three courses or play in practice mode. All courses feature branching paths which allow varying levels of difficulty and maneuverability. There are also two special modes available—Basics Mode, which introduces players to controls and handling, and Duel Mode, where two players compete for first place by exploiting power-ups scattered around the course. Additionally there are four “stunts” stages where skillful manoeuvres must be performed to complete them in time limit.

Upon loading Race Drivin', players select from a variety of fictitious car models such as "the Cheeta", "the Ferret" and "the Zemke Special", each with its own unique characteristics that suit different driving skills. The cars can be modified with upgraded engines, tires, brake kits, suspensions systems etc for better performance on specific tracks. Players have five minutes real world time upon each attempt of completing a level preventing boost items such as Nitron up ramps being abused during races giving all challengers an even playing field throughout each tournament.

Playing on a track via the Arcade Off-road course will cause weather changes such as fog which may hinder visibility while attempting stunts while corner cutting or smashing into other opponents result in engine overheating forcing players at times to slow their pace through sections until temperature decreases again. High scores among other achievements received upon completion can be saved using passwords given at the end of the run along with individual handing styles recorded through acceleration time recorded across each track further conveying the developers' attention details involved making it far more enjoyable than its predecessor Hard Drivin'.

Graphic wise Race drivin' relies heavily on simple textures giving off an almost cyberpunkesque atmosphere when hurtling around futuristic town circuits depicting at night times neon-like buildings silhouettes while brighten against cheap architecture structures used mostly during daytime racing stages set in wide open deserts or city tracks featured with banks turns allowing speed building hyper tricks absent from similar styled titles evolving this extension pack over its origin creating something fairly unique video gaming experience throughout these years leading up today's recognizable gaming mechanics used hardware limitations preventing further complexity then what producers could achieved within their platform presented back then creating another important release gamers recognize around friends enjoying once again feats brought by early ninteen nineties era yet still feels modern enough for newcomers pause smile upon seeing nostalgia still alive needing no introduction just pure undefined infinite joy manipulating makes feel amongst elite racers able handle some sort overhyped control schemes try break boundaries portrayed last races .

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