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OutRun 2019 technical data

Name OutRun 2019
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Sims Co., Ltd.
Genre Racing

OutRun 2019 is a racing video game released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 2019. Developed by DMS Design and published by Sega, it is an updated version of the original arcade game OutRun from 1986.The game plays as a technically advanced futuristic racer set in the year 2019, with updated graphics and sound compared to the original version. Players assume control of one of two protagonists who are both taking daring rides across fictional cities and dangerous landscapes on their hoverbikes. The goal is to reach each level’s end without crashing or stalling, while navigating through numerous obstacles and challenges such as cityscapes, highways, insane curves, jumps, tunnels, bridges, canyons and more – all in an effort to reach the checkered finish line first.

OutRun 2019 features five different levels with three difficulty settings ranging from easy to hard: Newbie Racer (beginner-level difficulty with smooth terrain), Expert Driver (intermediate-level difficulty with rough terrain), Master Driver (advanced-level difficulty with extreme terrain). In addition, outrun mode allows players to go up against the clock instead of competing against computer controlled opponents. For example: Race against time on highways placed atop grinding cliffs with abyssal drops ahead! After choosing one of two protagonists (called “bike riders” in-game) at the starting line of each course - male or female - players must remain constantly aware of every twist and turn ahead as they speed along using their accelerator; boost button for extra bursts of speed; air brake for tight cornering; intonation shifter for shifting from low gears to high gears; shift blockers for power increases over certain areas; and drift bonus for extra points when drifting around corners. OutRun 2019 also features turbo boosts at certain moments that provide bursts of speed beyond what would otherwise be possible.

Additionally the game comes bundled with a back seat passenger 'Rider Mode' allowing another playera rear view display onto your screen should you share your console port between multiple people who are interested in playing together cooperatively or competitively. The rear rider can then take part in subtle strategic driving depending on environment effects placed throughout each level – use boost pads which will instantly catapult them ahead like a slingshot – pit traps which slow down any car that drives into them, – expanding gates which open up narrow passages ahead - fireboosters which hurl them forwardat accelerated speeds.-etc etc Most importantly these effects allow rider mode's sudden strategic decision making to help you overtake even the most extreme situations whilst racing towards your inevitable victory

The soundtrack of OutRun 2019 has also been enhanced and now features 10 tracks composed specifically for this release . Artists such as Tomoya Ohtani ,Takanori Otsuka , Yoshiaki Kashima , Takako Nishikawa , and More have composed catchy music tailored ideally to representthe fast paced and thrilling race scenarios gamers will experience throughout their playthroughs . All pieces mix both retro synths reminiscent of its predecessor alongside modern touches focusing entirely on offering an enriched futuristicfeeling rather than simply relying upon nostalgia alone. With improved animations combined gorgeous dystopian world design and fueled by unforgettable synth/dance beats — OutRun 2019 offers an exciting magical ride guaranteed to take you straight backor even better immerse you deeperin the classic 16 bit goodness many experienced fondly decades earlier .

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