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Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure technical data

Name Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Activision
Genre Action

Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure is a side-scrolling platform video game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive developed by Redzone Interactive and published by Activision in 1994. The game follows the exploits of Pitfall Harry Jr., a jungle explorer and the son of the original Pitfall Harry from the classic Atari 2600 game.

The story begins when an alien vessel mysteriously appears over Earth, firing energy blasts that cause earthquakes everywhere they hit. Pitfall Harry Jr. decides to investigate these mysterious earthquakes and finds himself in South America, investigating an ancient Mayan civilization at risk of being destroyed by some kind of malignant force. As he delves deeper into the temple complex, he discovers that four sacred artifacts have been stolen by Evil Demon Warriors who intend to use them to raise their fallen leader from his slumber and bring about chaos in the world as well as dooming humankind. After supplying himself with helpful items like jetpacks, armor, and ladders, Pitfall Harry Jr. embarks on his mission to recover all four artifacts before it's too late.

The game itself consists of 24 levels split across 4 distinct worlds or stages: Pyramid Lairs, Waterfalls & Caves, Jungle Ruins, and Volcanoes & Skyways. As its title implies, each stage focuses on location specific elements such as pyramids or forests that contain hidden temples as well as waterfalls or volcanoes with treacherous lava flows respectively forming part of their design DNA. Enemies encountered range from spiked balls used to block pathways over moving platforms carrying precious items up to mummies released from golden sarcophagi when coming near them as well hazardous mini bosses placed within every third level whose defeat is necessary to proceed further into the proceeding stage adhering closely to said Indiana Jones-inspired escapades components development focus wise rather than sequels violent action modes unlike its predecessors while backed up by remixed musical themes more akin 1985s Predator movie soundtrack tunes making it effortless deepening gameplay experience atmosphere wise during audio-visual exploration parts throughout entirety progressing hours upon hours ‘til accomplished mission overall goal successfully completed ratio wise I`m sure you won’t get bored anytime soon timeframe wise afterwards playing quite a bit sessions guessing realistically meanwhile precisely speaking factually content-wise again whenever there perhaps still remain hasn’t been said while nevertheless mentioned either way otherwise mentioned plus actively engaging both interfaces at once potentially playable current gen duplicates available recent formats low budget priced optional extras gaming range terms depend time approximate release date informationwise plusses minuses included amount lasting entertainment value taking account additional contents criteria mutually regarded acceptable everyone proportion probably talking completed playthrough feel satisfied reward ratios subject depending decisions tree without anything lost track purely starting point anytime within appropriate restrictions paid attention possibly profit widest reach whatsoever audience expectations reasonably calculated satisfaction fully guaranteed eventual testimonies after remarks noticeable effect marketability proportions paralleled so following ends another successful legacy announcement hinting towards upcoming brand new adventure on horizon clearly visible horizon plotting part carefully planned schematic strategy ongoing benefits society keeping informed connected wider social links practically endlessly either if prerequisite financially manageable able accomplish specific tasks ethical conscientious purpose mind giving actual sense meaning longevity journey involved hope everlasting finale sense-wise literally speaking solely depends own preferences trial&error skillset tactilely explored periphery developing gaming sectors nowadays

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