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Hurricanes technical data

Name Hurricanes
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Arc Developments
Genre Action

Hurricanes, also known as Super Rugby, is a rugby union video game developed by Sega and released for the Sega Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside of North America) in 1994.

The game features all of the teams from the Super Rugby competition, a professional rugby union league that includes teams from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.The game is a sports simulation that allows players to compete in matches between any of the 12 teams from the Super Rugby competition.

The gameplay is viewed from a top-down perspective, and features a range of different controls and moves that allow players to pass, kick, tackle, and score tries.One of the standout features of Hurricanes is its attention to detail when it comes to the teams and players from the Super Rugby competition.

Each team is accurately represented, with their real-life logos, uniforms, and players included in the game.

The game also features commentary by New Zealand sports broadcaster Grant Nisbett, adding to the overall sense of authenticity.In addition to standard matches, Hurricanes also includes a range of different game modes, including knockout tournaments and league play.

There is also a "create a player" mode that allows players to create their own custom rugby player and use them in matches.Graphically, Hurricanes features colorful, detailed graphics that are typical of sports games from the early 1990s.

The game's sound effects and music are also typical of the era, with upbeat music and realistic sound effects adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.While Hurricanes was praised for its attention to detail and authenticity, it was criticized by some reviewers for its lack of depth and limited gameplay options.

The game also had a relatively steep learning curve, with some players finding it difficult to master the game's controls and tactics.Despite these criticisms, Hurricanes remains a beloved classic among fans of rugby union and retro gaming enthusiasts.

Its accurate representation of the Super Rugby competition, along with its variety of game modes and create a player feature, make it a standout title among other sports games from the era.Overall, Hurricanes is a fun and engaging rugby union simulation that offers a realistic and authentic experience for fans of the sport.

While it may not be the most in-depth or challenging sports game out there, it remains a beloved classic that is well worth checking out for anyone interested in retro gaming or rugby union.

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