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Pagemaster, The technical data

Name Pagemaster, The
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Probe
Genre Action

Pagemaster, The is a side-scrolling action-adventure platform game for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive, developed and published by Capcom in 1994.

The premise of Pagemaster is based on the 1994 fantasy film of the same name: Richard Tyler - a bookworm who fears adventure and risk - must explore various books, collect clues, and complete puzzles in order to locate lost magic will help him find his way back home. He has to battle monsters as he moves through nine unique worlds while searching for pieces of a special key that will open the entrance to Masterigan's study.

The player starts out as young Richard Tyler, who is flung into a magical world within an old library after being daunted by storm gods and taken away from his home. After initially being afraid of this strange library spell binding realm, he soon finds courage when met with mysterious voids that grant him four magical books – bravery, intelligence, fantasy, and adventure. As he searches further he learns that these book powers help him traverse through enemies and obstacles throughout the nine levels which represent grades from kindergarten to ninth grade; each level consisting of three sub-levels.

Weapons such as swords, shields and talismans can be collected in order to fight off annoying enemies such as frogs, bats or tribbles that get in Richard's way as he completes tasks such as shattering blocks with bombs or collecting coins from chests or keys from locks; all while staying away from traps scattered amidst his journey. Concentration points are located on every stage which summon various objects or villagers that need aid such "Richard’s Grandma" who needs him to collect ‘Scary Books’ before giving useful items like bombs or extra lives as reward. Unlike traditional weapons however; these objects included can only be used once so timing is essential taking into account opponents' behavior patterns when beating them down with swards.

As Pagemaster progresses another element also comes into play as Richard interacts throughout stages with characters taken directy from the movie including Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde (evil physician)and a kind ogre librarian known as "the Pagemaster" (meant to tutor our protagonist) who give lessons about learning the real power gained from knowledge rather than shooting things up with weapons for ease of passing stages like in other games. Richard eventually learns over time that although it would take much less energy fighting foes this way but instead opts for thoughtfulness when facing challenges within his journey here makes Pagemastersupportive component even more enjoyable because of this feature added over time while playing.

Overall Pagemaster on the Sega Genesis was an above average action-adventure platformer game well received by its audience at launch granting just enough interesting elements allow enjoyable experience not hampered by buggy mechanics seen within other games at times; truly proving worthy addition sega’s catalog during early 90s especially amongst those lovers classic narrative driven gaming entertainment alike since then amassing cult following since its inception till date!

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