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Pink Goes to Hollywood technical data

Name Pink Goes to Hollywood
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1993
Developer Headgames
Genre Action

‘Pink Goes to Hollywood’ is a classic video game created for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive game console in 1993. The player takes the role of Pink, an anthropomorphic pig on a mission to become a star! The game has three stages - each one containing puzzles, enemies, and tricky mazes. The main objective of the game is to collect five golden stars from each stage by completing mini-games. To progress through the stages, players must find items such as keys which open doors or use special objects like balloons to reach high platforms. Along with these obstacles, players have to face various cartoon monsters which will try to slow them down by stealing their items and making them lose some of their lives.

The first stage is the studio back lot set on a farm. In this section, players must face various enemies including sheep and chickens while collecting over 60 film canisters and 6 hidden stars. With these they can unlock secret levels throughout the game. Later levels offer new environments including pyramids and amusement parks before reaching the Hall of Fame where all the collected stars are counted up and scored according to how efficiently they were found in each stage. As well as featuring traditional platforming elements ‘Pink Goes To Hollywood’ also allows players to explore mini games such as fishing or bull riding which give bonus points when successfully completed.

As with many other Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, ‘Pink Goes To Hollywood’ features bright graphics, catchy music, and energetic gameplay all of which combine to make it an enjoyable classic for fans of the era! The controls are simple yet satisfying allowing even young kids to pick up quickly on how to play thanks in part due to Pink’s easy-to-control movements and abilities. Another great feature of this game is its colorful cast of characters that consist mainly of cartoon pigs – adding charm and excitement as Pink makes his way through each level becoming more famous along the way!

Today ‘Pink Goes To Hollywood’ remains a fondly remembered title by retro gaming fans around the world who enjoy its bright vibe and cheery personality! Despite having limited gameplay compared with modern titles, it still stands the test of time due its eternal appeal thanks in part due its great designs, music and visuals that helped define video games during its original period release in 1993 – making it an important part of videogame history today!

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