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Pulseman technical data

Name Pulseman
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Game Freak, Inc.
Genre Action

Pulseman is a side-scrolling action-adventure game developed by Game Freak, of Pokémon fame, that was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console in 1990.

Players take control of the titular character, Pulseman, as he discovers his origins and attempts to find out who is behind a sinister plot to take over cyberspace. The goal of the game is to traverse through seven different stages — each one featuring unique hazards, enemies and goals — in order to reach the final stage at cyber space port 91. Along the way each stage will fill in more pieces of Pulseman’s past as he encounters mini-bosses and evil forces attempting to stop him at all costs.

At its time of release Pulseman was considered an innovative title. First up was its visuals; an attractive array of vivid cyberspace environments presented with bright colours and detailed sprites accompanied by smooth animation saw Pulseman stand out from its contemporaries. Additionally it also offered an impressive soundtrack composed by Junichi Masuda (who would later compose music for Pokémon) which enhanced the in-game experience by adding emphases to moments such as boss battles or engaging platforming sections.

Gameplay hangs on two unique abilities; Pulseman can shoot electricity at his enemies or alternatively make use of ‘Data Cyfs’ which allow him to data dash across certain areas outdoors while attacking any foe within its path. Both weapons can be upgraded throughout game progression with additional power ups that offering a bigger effect radius or stronger damage output respectively; spicing up engagements between players and enemies during classic platforming levels or boss battles alike. The extra incentive of completing the game faster provides replay value into beating high scores too.

By combining adrenaline pumping platforming, 2D based shooting mechanics reminiscent to titles like Gunstar Heroes (1993), stunning visuals paired with memorable soundtracks as well as oten sidetracking puzzles ; Pulseman remains not only a nostalgic classic but also a timeless example of using limited hardware tools in order make compelling experiences within gaming when handled correctly; cementing itself into being one Sega's hidden gems many remember fondly until today

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