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Probotector technical data

Name Probotector
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Konami
Genre Action

video game

Probotector is a 2D-platformer released for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1992. Developed by Konami, it was the only game in their "Probotector" series, and one of the first to be marketed as such. In this game, you control a mechanical soldier called Probotector, sent out to halt an alien invasion on Earth. The objective is to fight your way through six stages of hordes of enemies across different locations in order to reach the Mother Brain base and deactivate it.

As with all games released at the time, Probotector starts out quite easily to introduce players to what they can expect from the rest of the game. Almost immediately after starting, a map screen is presented providing some insight into how many levels there are and where they are located. The player then travels through various backgrounds consisting mostly of urban environments while battling foes of all kinds: from walking robots and aliens creatures inhabiting grimy city streets all the way up to huge mecha-bosses guarding long forgotten fortresses in zany sci-fi settings. Movement is controlled using either 8 buttons (the 6 action buttons plus Start/Pause) or a D-pad on an analog controller and lets you perform maneuvers like running or aiming up/down with great ease allowing yourself to quickly adapt to enemy waves or simply flee hazardous situations if you need too.

The range of enemies you encounter during beats and stages differ significantly from each other requiring varying strategies to be successful against them and encouraging diverse playstyles when going through multiples times (which also grants higher rewards). Some kind pose more threat up close demanding smart movements while others attack from afar rendering quick reflexes mandatory; regardless all must be dealt with swiftly since most level have a limited amount of time before becoming harder with swarms of hostile entities appearing if not conquered soon enough dealing increasing waves of damage over players that cannot keep up eventually leading them into failure due too exhaustion. Enemies themselves come in plenty providing fresh experiences throughout levels combined with several mini-games that appear at certain points needing quick problem solving skills in order attain progress while adventuring towards your ultimate goal, destroying the campaign’s mastermind who awaits your confrontation as its reward waiting beyond Mother Brain's base mazes where dangers lurk around every corner attempting ending your mission prematurely by any means necessary .

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