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Phelios technical data

Name Phelios
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1990
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Shooter

Phelios is an action-adventure game released for the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1991 by Namco. The game is set in ancient Greece, and the player takes control of a warrior named Helios, who must save his beloved woman, Sia, from the clutches of Phobos, the god of fear.

The gameplay of Phelios consists of two styles: on foot and flight. While walking on foot, players must battle their way through various obstacles such as enemies that are present within each area. By going through certain areas and gaining experience points from defeating enemies or picking up coins, players can purchase weaponry that does more damage to incoming foes. As players make their way through these areas they will also encounter stationary objects such as rocks which can be picked up to break otherwise unbreakable barriers. When using this style of play the only attacks available to Helios are his basic sword strikes which he can combo with his shield bash; these are mainly used for getting rid of large groups or single out individual enemies for an easier defeat.

The other style available is when flying with Pegasus around each area; this allows easy travel between each stage but it also offers plenty of aerial combat options too. During side-scrolling sections on Pegasus’ back airborne foes can be engaged in combat where Helios can fire light based weapons like thunder bolts and fireballs at his enemies while dodging their projectiles in return; alternatively players could opt to just race through the level unscathed if they want too making progress further faster and easier if any required items were obtained already by walking instead.

Upon reaching the end of each stage there is a boss fight against some sort formidable foe; they typically take multiple hits before being defeated and require timing to dodge certain attacks or obtaining a special item from elsewhere within that particular stage to get past them quickly - upon winning in either case progressing onward unlocks another level and so forth until eventually Phobos himself makes an appearance for one final showdown with Helios trying to reclaim his love into his arms once again...can he do it? TBD! But all this to say Phelios for the Sega Genesis was something truly special!

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