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NCAA Final Four College Basketball technical data

Name NCAA Final Four College Basketball
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1994
Developer Bitmasters Inc.
Genre Sports

NCAA Final Four College Basketball is a basketball simulation video game released for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1994.

The game was developed by High Score Productions and published by Mindscape Inc.

The game is part of the NCAA Final Four series and features teams and players from the 1993-1994 college basketball season.

The game's main menu allows players to choose various modes, including exhibition, season, tournament, and practice.

Exhibition mode allows players to choose any two teams and play a single game.

Season mode allows players to choose any team and play a full 28-game season, with the ultimate goal of winning the NCAA championship.

Tournament mode allows players to participate in the NCAA tournament, where they must win a best-of-three series to advance to the next round.

The game features all 108 Division I-A basketball teams from the 1993-1994 season, including their respective conferences and tournament affiliations.

The game's graphics are impressive for the time, with detailed player sprites and smooth animations.

The player models are all based on real college basketball players and include their unique characteristics, such as height, weight, and playing style.

The gameplay is designed to be realistic and features a wide range of moves and actions.

Players can pass, shoot, dunk, and perform various defensive maneuvers such as blocking and stealing.

The game also features various special moves, such as the alley-oop and the pick and roll, which can be used to outmaneuver the opposition.

The controls are intuitive, with the A and C buttons used for shooting and passing, and the B button used for various defensive moves.

One of the most significant features of NCAA Final Four College Basketball is its extensive stat tracking.

The game keeps track of all the key statistics from each game, including points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

This information is then used to calculate each player's overall rating, which can be viewed in the game's player management screen.

Players can use this information to make strategic decisions, such as which players to start or which plays to call during a game.

Another interesting feature of NCAA Final Four College Basketball is its player creation tool.

Players can create their custom players by choosing their appearance, abilities, and attributes.

This feature allows players to create their dream team or recreate their favorite college basketball players who may not be featured in the game.

The game's audio is also notable, with a wide range of sound effects and commentary from the game's announcers.

The announcers provide real-time analysis of the game, commenting on the action and the players' performances.

The game's soundtrack features a range of upbeat and energetic tracks, which add to the game's overall atmosphere.

NCAA Final Four College Basketball also features various cheats and codes, which can be entered at the game's main menu to unlock various features.

For example, players can enter a code to unlock a special all-star team featuring the best players from around the country.

Overall, NCAA Final Four College Basketball is an excellent basketball simulation game that captures the excitement and intensity of college basketball.

The game's realistic gameplay, extensive stat tracking, and player creation tool make it stand out from other basketball games of the time.

With its impressive graphics, audio, and various modes, NCAA Final Four College Basketball provides a complete college basketball gaming experience.

Even today, it remains a classic and is considered one of the best college basketball games ever made.

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